The Future is here, take a seat.

Bringing you the latest in smart furniture.

We are proud to be Partnered with one of the only companies in the UK able to provide the latest in smart urban furniture.

The smart bench is an intelligent solar energy bench that provides a raft of features unlike no other bench you have ever sat on. It has inbuilt WiFi and free charging spots for your devices as well as dynamic digital and branded displays.

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Free WiFi & Charging

Our Smart Bench has FREE WiFi and charging facilities, so if you happen to be in the vicinity of the urban furniture, you will be able to utilise high speed connectivity and either USB or wireless charging capabilities in a cost effective manner. The WiFi landing page can also be tailored for use with advertising, promotions, news or relevant information.

Environment Sensors & Statistics

The Smart Bench is so intelligent that it is constantly in touch with its surroundings. It can measure, track and record a huge number of factors via its invisible sensors scattered throughout the bench. From air quality and temperature through to noise levels and air pressure as well as being able to keep track of the number of people using the urban furniture.

Powered by Solar Energy

The Smart Bench uses 100% standalone energy. Unlike many of its counterparts the Smart Bench uses solar power to remain fully functional asking for very little energy to sustain its raft of services.

Intelligent Advertising & Cloud Dashboard

The ability to appeal to your ideal target market has never been so easy with on-demand displays and intelligent sensors that allow configurable branding and adverts. The usage of both the bench and the set-up of the advertising and information can all be managed remotely from the latest cloud-based dashboard.

The Smart Bench is an ideal product and will appeal to several different sectors such as the education sector, perfect around campuses or playgrounds. The public sector which would include local council authorities looking to replace old and out of date benches. Private companies that would like to stay ahead of the trend and provide their employees with facilities that enrich their day to day life would also benefit from investing in this undeniably modern piece. Get in touch with one of our Smart Bench experts to ask for more information

For more information, contact our specialists on 01323 488003 or