How to Extract Recorded footage on Hikvision web browser


How to Download & Export Footage from your NVR & DVR on a web browser.

Please follow steps and screen shots on how to Download & Export Footage from web browser, or feel free to get in touch for further help.

1.Open Microsoft Edge.

2.Input your IP address of your NVR/ DVR in the search bar.

3.Input your login details.

4.Click the playback button.

5.Click the camera you would like the footage from.

6.Select the date of the footage.

7.Click the download Button.

8.Then you will need to select the time of the footage you would like to download.

9.Then click download.

10.It will then save to your downloaded file to open.

The best software to view downloaded files is VCL player from your Microsoft store.

If your having trouble finding your IP address you could always download Advanced IP Scanner and look Hikvision in manufacture column.